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Home Maintenance Checklist for the Seasons

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to maintaining your home throughout the year. Organized by seasons, these checklists are designed to seamlessly integrate into your routine, ensuring your home remains in optimal condition.



  • Schedule a thorough home maintenance inspection with a certified home inspector to keep your property in top shape.


In the Spring:

  • Assess your roof for any signs of damage.

  • Examine fascia and trim for deterioration.

  • Engage a professional air conditioning contractor to inspect and service your system.

  • Evaluate the condition of your water heater.

  • Replace any extension cords showing signs of wear.

  • Verify the functionality of fire extinguishers.

  • Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter.

  • Review and update your family's fire escape plan.

  • Address any cracked or uneven driveways and walkways.

  • Ensure all plumbing fixture shutoff valves are operational.

  • Clear the clothes dryer exhaust duct and surrounding area.

  • Inspect and clean smoke and carbon monoxide alarm covers.

In the Summer:

  • Inspect children's play equipment for safety.

  • Check your wood deck or concrete patio for wear and tear.

  • Assess nightlights on stairs.

  • Examine exterior siding for any issues.

  • Test window and door locks.

  • Search for and repair water leaks.

  • Inspect water hoses on appliances for damage.

In the Fall:

  • Conduct another check for water leaks.

  • Arrange for a professional inspection of your heating system.

  • Take precautions against frozen pipes.

  • Properly store gas-powered lawn equipment for the season.

  • Test emergency generator functionality.

  • Schedule a chimney sweep to clean and inspect flues.

  • Remove any bird nests from outdoor fixtures.

  • Check caulking around doors and windows for effectiveness.

  • Ensure bathroom caulking is preventing water seepage.

In the Winter:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent blockages.

  • Keep firewood a safe distance from your home.

  • Replace window screens with storm windows.

  • Educate family members on the location and operation of gas and appliance valves.

  • Perform maintenance on clothes dryer exhaust systems.

  • Secure electrical holiday decorations.

  • Clean kitchen exhaust hood and air filter.

  • Inspect water heater and appliance hoses.

  • Test all AFCI and GFCI devices for proper functioning.

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